Date Night in or around Washington DC

Date Night in or around Washington DC 1

Date Night in or around Washington DC

OK, guys.  It’s time for date night.  The kids are with the grandparents, and you and your wife hasn’t had a chance to go out without them in months.  You’ve already booked the restaurant, and picked up the movie tickets.  There’s only one thing left to do, to make this night perfect…


Tonight is special, and you need to make it all that more special by adding a limousine to the mix.  Now it doesn’t have to be some insane 20 passenger Hummer limo or anything.  No, this time, for this occasion, something more subtle is needed.  A nice luxury sedan will fit the bill.  Something like the Mercedes S550 or a 7-series BMW will do nicely.

The thing is, you’re not going to tell her you’ve booked a car until it shows up in front of the house on date night.  She’ll be expecting to drive the family car, or maybe take a cab or one of those amateur car services.  So just imagine the look on her face when a luxury sedan rolls up, driven by a professional chauffeur.



You’ll be whisked off to the restaurant in elegant style.  Your driver will take you right to the front, let you out, and be waiting for you when you’ve finished dinner.  No parking hassles, and no waiting for your car to be brought up by the valet (with some new scratches in it or door dings).  Oh, and you and your wife can enjoy that bottle of wine tonight, since neither of you will be doing the driving.

DC restaurant 01

After your dinner, your chauffeur will take you to the movie theater. The chauffeur will be waiting for you two when you come out.  Again, no parking issues, no traffic hassles, just a quiet relaxing ride all night.

The only thing is… once your wife gets this sort of treatment, it’s going to be tough selling her on the family sedan and McDonald’s!

You’ve been warned!

If you like the sound of this plan, take a look at our DC limo fleet page to get some ideas, then submit your free online limo price quote, and you’ll be on your way to a fantastic night out with the one you love.

Thanks for reading!

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