Private Security and Diplomat Transportation

Private Security and Diplomat Transportation 1

Providing the absolute highest level of service and professionalism for our clients.

Premier International Transportation offers discreet and efficient transportation for high-security personnel, VIP’s, or any other governmental official in need of an escort transportation service, we are there and we will also work with any embassies in the Washington D.C. area. 

We take security seriously and plan the best routes, and implement a plan of action to ensure all security measures are met. Premier International Transportation ensures the safety of our clients, and understand the importance, integrity, and discretions of the needs of every individual. 

All of our chauffeurs undergo a background check, necessary permits, and drug screening are a must.

Thanks to our dedicated team of chauffeurs, we ensure we will take care of you from our business travelers to high-level celebrities.

Upon your request, we will arrange to ensure all your special security transportation requests are met.

For more information, please call.

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P.I.T. is your source for luxury transportation.

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