Premier International Transportation would like to congratulate the Washington Nationals!

Premier International Transportation would like to congratulate the Washington Nationals!

Premier International Transportation would like to congratulate the Washington Nationals for their accomplishments on beating the St. Louis Cardinals to winning the 2019 Major League Baseball National League Championship. As they proceed to the World Series. We hope that they continue their success and do our city, Washington D.C., proud.

The World Series will bring thousands into the area, but because of this, it will bring traffic throughout the city. We seen this traffic earlier when the Washington Nationals faced St. Louis, and because WMATA closed at Midnight, this left a lot of passengers, stranded, or they gave up and purchased a really high surged vehicle.

Planning ahead for the games is a better option, and it will be stress free, and if you group together it actually comes out cheaper to split the fare. Example:

An average baseball game is 3 hours.

You can rent our Sprinter vehicle for $105 per hour, and let’s say you wanted to eat before you went inside the stadium, approximately 30 minutes. This gives you a total of 4 hours.

The Sprinter holds 14 passenger and at 4 hours, the total to rent the vehicle would be $420.00 or $30.00 per person, but if someone from your group opens a new account with us, a user can actually save 10% additional off, and drop the price to $378.00 which means it is now only $27.00 per person, ROUNDTRIP! At the end of the last NLS game the surge, many people paid upwards to $45.00, one way!

There is no other transportation service providing Hourly transportation for your group of friends for only $13.50 per person.

In addition to the homes games for the World Series, it has been announced that the Washington Nationals will be hosting watch parties at the Washington National, Nats Park. The schedule as follows:

Game 1 World Series, Tuesday, October 22nd.

Game 2 World Series, Wednesday, October 23rd.

Game 3, World Series, Friday, October 25th.

Game 4, World Series, Saturday, October 26th.

If needed:
Game 5, World Series, Sunday, October 27th.

Game 6, World Series, Tuesday, October 29th

Game 7, World Series, Wednesday, October 30th.

The games listed in bold are the games that will be held in Washington D.C. at Nats Park.

So plan ahead, grab your friends, and enjoy your trip for only $27, round trip, and root on your favorite team!

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Washington Nationals Premier International Transportation

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