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Girl’s Night Out!

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It’s that time… time when the girls get out and hit the town without the boys.  It’s been a long week, and it’s time for a party.  Get the girls together, and start planning.  Will it be a restaurant, the club scene, a local bar, dancing?  or all the above? The night is yours, to do as you want.  The sky is the limit, as they say. You’re young, live it up, and enjoy.

The plans made, girlfriends gathered, but there’s just one more thing… who’s driving?

Imagine, tonight there’s 9 of you, so option 1 – sharing a single car – isn’t going to cut it.  Option 2 is a car or cab, or in this case, multiple cars or cabs.  That leaves out riding together.  It also leaves out keeping the same cars all night, and if you drove in a separate vehicle, then you got to worry about finding parking for those vehicles. There is an option 3,  the ever popular “amateur car service”, but again… you’re gonna need more than one vehicle, and the odds are pretty good that whomever shows up won’t know the city, and will stare at his or her GPS the entire ride. You won’t know how long you will wait for these types of services either.

No, tonight you need more than that.  You need style.  You need class.  You need luxury. You need a professional chauffeur who knows the city, knows the hot spots, and will be behind the wheel of a big enough luxury vehicle to transport all of you to where the night takes you. This will keep you with the party, and the party can continue without any disruptions.

That’s the best way to do a girls night out.  And best of all, you’ve got a rolling party on wheels, so if your chosen destinations don’t turn out quite like you’d hoped, just head back to the limo and cruise Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia to the next spot. It’s win win.  You can also enjoy a couple of adult beverage while in your limousine.  You and your girlfriends aren’t getting behind the wheel tonight, because you are all in the back, partying!

When you’re ready to take “ladies night” to the next level, check out our fleet, and pick the perfect limousine.  Or if you need help, or have more questions, give us a call.  We’re here 24/7 to help you chose the best limo for your needs.

Talk soon.

Thanks for reading!


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