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Explore Washington D.C. with Private Car Service

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Washington, D.C., is one of the nation’s oldest cities, with centuries-old traditions that attract visitors worldwide. To truly experience its unique qualities and history in depth, take an individual car tour via private car service; with personalized tours, you can immerse yourself into D.C. culture and history at your speed – in this travel guide, we present an itinerary that ensures it will become the highlight of your lifetime trip!

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1. National Mall:

As the sun illuminates the National Mall with golden light, take time to be amazed by landmarks that exemplify the American spirit – such as the Washington Monument, which stands as an homage to America’s first president; the Lincoln Memorial represents equality and freedom while World War II Memorial honors their sacrifice.

2. Smithsonian Museums:

With your Car Service DCA available, explore the realm of learning through museums at the Smithsonian. Marvel at aviation innovation at the National Air and Space Museum while uncovering America’s past at the National Museum of American History or admire nature’s marvels at the National Museum of Natural History – each will open your mind up a bit wider!

Lunch: Eastern Market:

For an unforgettable sensory experience in Capitol Hill’s Eastern Market at midday, discover gourmet fare and unique products offered by various food vendors demonstrating D.C.’s bustling culinary scene. Our private car service will take you there for lunch.

1. U.S. Capitol Tour:

Experience democracy through an unforgettable U.S. Capitol Tour led by our expert guides, who will shed light on its inner workings as they reveal its vital role in shaping America.

2. Library of Congress:

Situated adjacent to the Capitol, The Library of Congress embodies human thought and imagination. Stroll through its grand halls that house literary masterpieces and essential documents while marveling at one of America’s premier libraries.


1. Georgetown:

As evening falls, have your automobile chauffeur take you to Georgetown – its cobblestone streets and charming, ivy-covered townhouses exuding old-world charm are sure to enchant. Stop into boutiques, try the tasty fare at waterfront eateries, or soak up its peace and serenity along the Potomac River.

2. Kennedy Center:

For an unforgettable cultural experience, head over to the Kennedy Center. From ballet and symphony performances to theatrical shows and even cultural education experiences – you are guaranteed a fantastic evening here at this famed center for culture!

Monuments by Night:

As night descends upon these iconic landmarks, they create a magical ambiance that only black car service in Washington DC can bring. Take an evening tour guided by them with your private car service in DC to experience this mesmerizing show before concluding an exciting day full of exploration with ease!


Exploring Washington, D.C., with a private car takes your experience to new levels of comfort and luxury. Our carefully tailored itinerary ensures you enjoy every second of your tour while leaving guests with lasting memories of this remarkable capital of our nation. Be captivated by its present, past, and future all at the same time while indulging your sense of adventure for many more years ahead!

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