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Reservation Price Estimate

The reservation Price Estimate just before service is an estimate this is certainly the initial price of the service reserved. Discretionary Gratuities, Tolls, Stops, Voucher Charge, Telephone Usage Charges, Surcharge for pets and in-car that is additional, Waiting Time (when relevant), Parking, and Other Service charges are not included. Rates tend to be subject to improvement without notice.

Hourly Rates

Consumers are billed through the right time the car will leave the Premier International Transportation centre until the time it returns to the Premier International Transportation centre (Garage-to-Garage). Fees tend to be determined by making use of the applicable price this is certainly hourly through the time the chauffeur departs the centre to begin service and goes on through such time the chauffeur concludes service and returns to your centre. The minimal number of billable hours appears in the Reservation Price Estimate, but does not always mirror the amount this is certainly precise of billable hours. All Reservations that are billed on a basis this is certainly hourly should be billed no less than thirty minutes of travel time for each method plus the time the passenger is within the vehicle. Fractions of an hour are curved into half-hour increments this is certainly next.

Wait Time

Premier International Transportation tracks all flights this is certainly commercial. A grace that is 30 minutes is permitted on all domestic arrivals and 60 mins on all worldwide arrivals. Following the elegance period, waiting time fees will use. Waiting time costs are accrued in 30-minute increments, based on the car’s per-hour price. An elegance that is 30 minutes is allowed on pick-ups except that at an airport. Following the elegance duration, waiting time charges will apply. Waiting time costs are accrued in 30-minute increments, on the basis of the vehicle’s per-hour price.

Extra Stops

Chauffeurs directed to make an end that is extra point-to-point travel are going to be recharged the base fare price and the hourly cost for the vehicle In fifteen-minute increments when it comes to the correct time that the chauffeur delays. If you have multiple stops or if usually, the one-stop continues more than a complete time then the journey will convert to a charge that is hourly.

Processing Fee

Processing Fee is just a surcharge based upon various overhead expense products, a number of that may perhaps not connect with the journey this is certainly specific. The Processing Fee is calculated being a percentage that is flat with the base rate.

Cancellation and No Program

Plan Changes and cancellations require twenty-four hours of advance notice. If the traveler does not cancel the booking at least twenty-four hours before pickup time The bottom of this is certainly full and is going to be billed. A no-program cost equal to the base fare and other costs should be billed in the event that the traveler does not cancel or arrive, as scheduled, at the designated customer/chauffeur place that is a conference. The reservation needs to be canceled in order to prevent a late cancellation or no program cost prior to the Premier International Transportation termination policy. To take action you could terminate your order via web or telephone call (888) 412-9150. If you encounter trouble choosing the chauffeur, please call. Leaving the pick-up area without notifying Premier International Transportation will result in a fee this is certainly a no-show. Premier International Transportation is not in charge of solutions delayed or not rendered due to weather or other conditions beyond its control.

Child Safety Seats

Premier International Transportation provides Child Safety Seats upon request. Premier International Transportation may charge a fee for the usage of a baby seat or booster seat.
However, It will be the client’s duty to install the young kid safety or booster seats. The decision to use child safety or booster seats provided by Premier International Transportation is at your sole risk. Neither Premier International Transportation, its affiliates nor any of these investors that are respective directors, employees, Partners, Members, Supervisors, Technicians, Agents, Successor and Assigns make any warranties representations being or to the product quality, safety, security, reliability or timeliness of any ride otherwise trips you may take transport this is certainly OR MAY USE, AND ASSUMES NO LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY, THEREFORE.

Lost or Misplaced Items

Please note that Premier International Transportation assumes no liability for any lost or misplaced property this is certainly private or any other items left in almost any car.

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