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A Happier Birthday?

birthday limo service

Sure there’s cake, cards, gifts, and friends, but let’s say that your mother’s or father’s birthday is approaching, but it’s a big one like their 50th or 60th.  Obviously, you want to throw them a huge party, which will likely include dinner, but you’re feeling like something a little more is needed.  And guess what… we have some ideas!

Go ahead and make reservations at her favorite restaurant and get all their friends together, and if you’re thinking of a surprise party, arrange the ‘setup’.  Invite your mom or dad over, tell them that you’re going to them out for dinner, but of course, keep the part about their friends joining in, and the fact that there’s going to be a limo escorting you all.

On a special night, plan for your mom and dad to drive over to your place, and invite them in.  The limo can be hiding a couple of streets over.  Have the chauffeur pull up when your mom or dad isn’t paying attention, and direct the birthday parent out front, and watch the big smile on their face when the chauffeur is there waiting with the door open.  For an extra nice touch, a red carpet and a bouquet of flowers can be added – it’s up to you.  The birthday parent will be thrilled either way, as they are whisked off in their limousine to the restaurant with you and the family.

When you arrive at the restaurant, their friends will be there waiting to add an extra exclamation to the end of ‘surprise’ the birthday parent will really be surprised!

Then it’s time for dinner, drinks, cake and the big celebration.  When the night is done, your limo will be waiting outside, waiting to take you, birthday parent, and the family home.

Trust us when we say this will be a night no one will never forget.  And doesn’t your parents deserve something special like this, at least once in their life?

If this sounds like something you’d like to do for your parents, check out our website to get an idea of the types of vehicles we have in our DC limousine fleet. There are a wide variety to choose from that will fit just about any taste or capacity needs.  We’re here 24/7/365, ready to assist you in planning parent’s amazing birthday spectacular!

Call us any time, or get a free no obligation limo price quote on our website.


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